Texas Primary Care Toolkit

Beacon Health Options (Beacon) is committed to reducing potentially preventable emergency department visits and inpatient stays among members with complex needs and anxiety and/or depression in the state of Texas.

One method to achieve this commitment is to provide options regarding behavioral health resources, screening tools, and member materials to primary care physicians (PCPs). It is recommended that PCPs review the options provided and make a determination of usage regarding applicability to and scope of their practice in the identification and treatment of members with anxiety and/or depression. It is also recommended that PCPs explore other recommendations provided by their applicable trade organization.

Another method to achieve this commitment is to improve coordination of care for members with anxiety and/or depression between PCPs and health plans contracted with Beacon.

Per i riferimenti a un professionista della salute comportamentale, vedere di seguito per le informazioni di contatto del piano individuale:

  • Cook Childrens’: (855) 481-7045
  • Parkland Community: (800) 945-4644

For child and adolescent behavioral health consultation services and training opportunities:

You can also start the referral process on a patient/member’s behalf by filling out a PCP Behavioral Health Recommendation Form. Please email forms to TexasPIPReferrals@BeaconHealthOptions.com.

Insieme, possiamo ridurre le visite al pronto soccorso potenzialmente prevenibili e le degenze ospedaliere per i membri con esigenze complesse nello Stato del Texas.